Public Service Post: Marijuana Policy Project Rand Paul Report Card

Marijuana Policy Project graded the 22 most widely discussed presidential hopefuls based on actions they have taken and statements they have made that indicate their levels of support for ending marijuana prohibition, allowing legal access to medical marijuana, and defending states’ rights to adopt their own marijuana policies without interference from the federal government.

U.S. Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky announced he is running for president on April 7, 2015.

Where does he stand?

Sen. Paul has consistently supported states’ rights to establish their own marijuana policies, and he has been a vocal supporter of decriminalizing or reducing criminal penalties for those arrested for marijuana possession.

He is a sponsor of the CARERS Act, a bipartisan bill that would allow states to set their own policies regarding the legalization of medical marijuana without interference from the federal government.

He is also the co-sponsor of a bill that would allow marijuana-related businesses to access the banking system. In addition, Sen. Paul has been vocal on decriminalization or reducing criminal penalties for those arrested for the use of marijuana.

What has he said?

“I’m not for having the federal government get involved. I really haven’t taken a stand on … the actual legalization. I haven’t really taken a stand on that, but I’m against the federal government telling them they can’t.” Roll Call, November 4, 2014

“If your kid was caught selling marijuana or growing enough that it’s a felony conviction, they could be in jail for an extended period of time, they also lose their ability to be employable. So I want to change all of that. I want to lessen the criminal penalties on it.” WHAS 11, December 8, 2014

Grade: A-

What you can do:

Contact Sen. Rand Paul and urge him to introduce legislation that would protect all state marijuana laws from federal interference, not just medical marijuana laws.

Find out more from Marijuana Policy Project:



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