CannAppinate Edibles Safety App Sponsored Post

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A public-service advertisement following the infamous edibles experience of New York Times writer Maureen Dowd.


Edibles are uncertain.

We’ve been there.

We’ve consumed too much.

Maybe you were advised to eat just a little bit, wait a spell and gauge the effects before eating any more, if any at all.

Maybe it was your first time eating cannabis edibles and you had no basis for gauging what you might feel and whether you should eat more, however much that might be.

Maybe you drank wine.

Maybe the room spun.

Maybe voices crashed your head.

Maybe you feared you were dying.

Maybe you awoke wrung out and dehydrated, unable to spit and swear off the edible that took you on an unpleasant trip.

Maybe you’re reaching for an unfamiliar edible right now with no understanding of what’s in store.

That’s why we developed CannAppinate, the mobile Internet’s first crowd-sourced cannabis edibles tracker and effects calculator.

  • Know the effects different edibles have on your mind, your mood, your body and your medical conditions.
  • Input the details of the edibles you consume and the effects they have on you.
  • Search user reviews based on your tastes in edibles; by brands; by potency; by effects; and by other CannAppinate users whose profiles and results match your individual preferences.
  • Reach people you trust the most if you’ve had too much.

We are signing up beta testers. If you like cannabis edibles, live in a legal recreational or legal medical cannabis state and want to participate, please contact


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