‘Drunk on power: Booze distributors ply statehouses to keep profits flowing’

Buy that headline writer a drink. The copy desk at The Center for Public Integrity made me click on the latest in its series Who’s Calling the Shots in State Politics?

I recommend reading the part about the deal that would give Nevada alcohol distributors early and significant control of the state’s recreational cannabis market if a legalization initiative on Nevada’s 2016 ballot is approved by voters.
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Toasting the End of Prohibition

1933 LagerfestToday is National Beer Day, marking the Cullen–Harrison Act, the law that ended Prohibition on April 7, 1933. Newspaper advertisements and photographs of the period show Sacramento celebrated the repeal of Prohibition with ample amounts of beer and food in bars, restaurants, hotels and drug stores steps away from the state Capitol. Might legalization of cannabis be toasted similarly one day?
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